About Richard Gifford

Shaun Restorick-Barton

Richard is a co-founder of not-for-profit legal innovation think tank The Legal Forecast as well as a collaborative abuse lawyer working for Donaldson Law. Richard has worked in human rights, criminal law and now personal injuries law. Richard also is lecturing at the University of Southern Queensland in “Emerging Legal Technologies and Practice”.

Having done internships with human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson working on Julian Assange’s legal case in 2014, working at the DPP from 2015 to 2017, as well as an anti-death penalty advocate for Reprieve, he has a strong passion for social justice and due process.

The Legal Forecast is Richard’s creative outlet and he thoroughly enjoys leading a national team of volunteers passionate about social change and innovation in the profession.

Richard is looking forward to talking to students about following alternative career paths outside of Eagle St and being prepared to think disruptively about our profession. He is passionate about having open conversations about how we are feeling as lawyers and destigmatising mental health issues.

What you’ll get out of this session

  • Hear from a law grad working in both the not-for-profit and private sectors
  • Find out about Richard’s experience working on Julian Assange’s legal case
  • Learn how to think disruptively about the profession
  • Discover the different career pathways available to law students 
  • Ask questions and build your professional network with a key industry professional
  • Free coffee/chai or hot beverage of choice

About Coffee Conversations Series

Coffee Conversations is a series of great monthly guests working in the law and other related fields sharing their stories with you. They are an informal and relaxed opportunity to converse with professionals who have had interesting lives and careers.

Regardless of what you do beyond university, good conversational skills are critical to learning, generating opportunities, and social fluency. Conversations are integral to effective communication, to relationships and to the exchange of thoughts and ideas. Through conversations, we collaborate, resolve conflict, and create new possibilities.

So come along for a free cup of coffee to meet wonderful people and practice your conversational skills with them and each other. Note - Coffee Conversations are not presentations.  Students are expected to show interest and be curious, actively listen, and respect others.  

Stay tuned for news of the conversation guests, and monthly dates.


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