Topic: Migration and domestic violence: Women's experiences of proving domestic violence as a requirement for permanent residency

Presenter: Ana Flavia Cavalcante Borges Jelinic, PhD candidate, TC Beirne School of Law

Advisors: Prof Heather Douglas, Dr Jason Chin

Venue: Board Room (Room W353), Forgan Smith

Time: 11.30am-12pm Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Abstract: The research investigates the experiences of migrant women originally sponsored by their partners to reside in Australia, who later separated due to domestic violence. Twenty women participated in two interviews over a period of one year, answering questions regarding their relationship and experience of violence, their ongoing immigration process and their mental health. This study aims to understand the women’s engagement with the Department of Immigration while still pursuing permanent residence in Australia and how the combination of this visa process and domestic violence impacted on women’s mental health and wellbeing throughout the study period. The results point to a connection between the changes in women’s mental health, their visa status and the challenges that confront women who have to demonstrate to the Department of Immigration that they were in a genuine relationship but where they also suffered domestic violence. In addition, the research explores how other countries' legal systems address similar situations and considers whether legal reform in Australia may be appropriate.


Level 3, Forgan Smith building (#1)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia campus
Boardroom W353