Topic: Harmonisation of unconventional gas resources regulatory (UGR) frameworks: Is there a will or a way?

Presenter: Sarah Asokendaran, PhD candidate, TC Beirne School of Law

Advisors: Prof Jonathan Fulcher, Dr Jonathan Crowe

Venue: SMI seminar room on Level 4 of the Sir James Foots building

Time: 10-11am Tuesday 22 October 2019

Abstract: The thesis examines whether harmonisation of UGR frameworks, with particular reference to water use, is possible within the Cooper Basin (the Basin). It explores constitutional issues, economic theory and competitive behaviour to determine whether in achieving harmonisation, a balance can be struck between economic development and environmental (groundwater) issues. Through a comparative study of the states (South Australia and Queensland) regulatory and water planning frameworks, evidence and economic (market-based) theories are explored in an attempt to achieve the ultimate goal of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) within the water management frameworks of the Basin.


Level 4, Sir James Foots building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia campus
SMI seminar room