Wendy Herman (Clinic Supervisor)

About the organisation

Tenants Queensland (TQ) provides high-quality, free, independent tenant advisory services to assist tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities and sustain, as far as possible, safe and secure tenancies.

TQ delivers a range of tenant, legal and advisory services through the Community Legal Services Program (CLSP) and the Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service (QSTARS).

A key tenet of TQ’s work is to empower tenants to manage their tenancy issues while providing additional support to tenants where needed. TQ’s legal service also operates a law student advice clinic. The clinic runs in conjunction with the UQ Pro Bono Centre. As an elective course, the clinic provides six students per semester with a rare opportunity to work directly with clients vulnerable to legal problems related to their tenancies. Students work under TQ supervision. They learn the practical application of social justice principles and tenancy law with a diverse range of clients.


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