Adrienne Soteriou interviews Alastair Blenkin, who founded Hyra iQ in 2017 in UQ's ilab accelerator following his experience in commercial contracting working as a property lawyer.

About the speaker

Alastair Blenkin is the Founder & CEO of Hyra iQ, a technology company that empowers businesses to increase the speed & quality of their contracts/procurement via its AI-powered contract management platform. Hyra iQ has worked with leading Australian real estate, construction and legal businesses as customers, received funding & support from the Commonwealth Government, Queensland Government and The University of Queensland and won numerous awards for its innovative technology. Alastair is a regular mentor and speaker for the UQ BEL faculty and UQ Ventures. 

Alastair founded Hyra iQ in 2017 in UQ's ilab accelerator, following his experience in commercial contracting working as a property lawyer in top tier law firm, MinterEllison between 2011-2017. Prior to that, Alastair studied a Bachelor of Commerce & Laws, graduating with Honours in 2014. Alastair was a recipient of the UQ Excellence Scholarship, a resident of King's College (2009-2011) and a member of the UQ Rugby Club (2010-2018). 

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