About the speaker

Susannah WilkinsonSusannah has over 16 years’ experience advising major clients on road, infrastructure, renewable energy and oil & gas projects and automation, and has practised with leading firms in Australia, the UK and Russia. 

Susannah is driving the development of smart legal contracts in conjunction with the industry collaboration through the Australian National Blockchain. She is a key member of the global Connected and Autonomous Vehicle team with experience advising clients on procurement of autonomous equipment. 

Having worked across multiple jurisdictions, Susannah uses her experience to assist clients navigate complex transactions.

She has advised the private sector and government in on all aspects of major infrastructure projects, including public-private partnerships, project development, large-scale procurement, market-led proposals, acquisitions, financing and divestments, construction and operational matters. 

Susannah’s recent experience includes advising: 

  • The developer of the Forest Wind, 1200MW wind farm in Queensland as a market-led proposal
  • A major resources company on procurement of autonomous haulage capabilities
  • Transurban Queensland on the major road upgrade to Logan Motorway as the first successful market-led proposal to the State of Queensland
  • Transurban Queensland on the construction of a road upgrade to the Inner City Bypass under the Brisbane City Council’s Innovative Proposal Policy framework
  • advising on numerous renewable energy projects
  • advising on the acquisition of multiple toll road assets in Brisbane.

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