Title: The Nature of Constitutions: A Theory of Genuine and Pseudo Constitutionalism

Presented by: Renato Saeger Magalhaes Costa

Advisors: Professor Nicholas Aroney and Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh

When: 11am-12.30pm, Wednesday 27 January 2021 

Where: Boardroom (W353), Level 3, Forgan Smith building (1)


What is a constitution? The answer may not be as simple as one can imagine. In his research, Renato investigates the nature and purpose of constitutions to properly answer this question. By analysing constitutions normatively, Renato believes it is possible to formulate a 'central case' definition of constitutions.

Renato's research builds on the natural law theory of law to make the case that identification of what constitutions are for (their objectives) will lead to an understanding of their true nature. His thesis will critically investigate contemporary conceptions of constitutionalism and develop a theory of constitutions situated in the natural law tradition - a theory that can identify the essential distinction between 'genuine' and 'pseudo' constitutions.


Level 3, Forgan Smith building (1)
Boardroom (W353)