HDR Candidate: Hamish Macdonald

Title: Inventing Plants: Science and Law in the Australian Plant Breeder's Rights System

When: 12.-12.45pm, Thursday 25 February 2021

Where: Boardroom (W353), Level 3, Forgan Smith building (1)
Zoom link: https://uqz.zoom.us/j/88275916209 


How should we understand the relationship between law and science? How do they operate together, and what parallels and divergences can be drawn between them? How does the law respond to rapid scientific and technological change? This thesis explores these questions through a detailed analysis of the Australian Plant Breeder's Rights system, examining its origins in systems of botanical classification, and charting how it is being reshaped by novel genetic techniques for assessing, describing, and creating new plant varieties.


Level 3, Forgan Smith building (1)
Boardroom (W353) and via Zoom