This practical skills workshop is presented by the UQ Pro Bono Centre in collaboration with UQ Ventures.

Problem-led leaders focus on solving problems. In this workshop, we will explore what problem-led leadership is, and how it can have a practical impact in the world.

This workshop has three stages:

  1. Problem identification: Problem-led leaders don’t start their journeys because of personal ambition, they find a problem they are passionate about and explore how to solve it.
  2. Finding problems worth solving: To solve 'wicked' problems, leaders must learn how to work with diverse cultures, talents and disciplines; to turn ideas into practice, and to focus on human-centred solutions. We will be using Design Thinking to practice these skills.
  3. Presenting your ideas in an impactful way to inspire and get support.

Although this workshop will be tailored to law students, students from all and any disciplines are welcome to attend this workshop!

This workshop will run via Zoom. Register to receive the Zoom link.

About Practical Skills in Law

This workshop series is designed to develop your practical skills in areas that are crucial to success in the legal profession.



via Zoom