Date and time: Thursday 12 October, 12-1pm (AEST) (1-2pm, AEDT)

Location: Online Webinar via Zoom
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About the seminar 

This seminar provides a comparative perspective on cartel regulation, focused on the Swiss framework. The presentation provides a brief overview of the effects that cartels can have on competition, followed by a careful examination of the different legislative measures the Swiss legal system has taken to tackle cartels, enriched with current examples from practice. The focus lies on cartels that are formed in the context of public procurement procedures - so-called “bid-rigging”.       

About the speaker

Leandra Diem

Leandra Diem holds a master’s degree in law, which she obtained from the Universities of Lucerne (Switzerland) and Paris Nanterre (France). After an internship at the Swiss Competition Commission and the commercial court of Bern (Switzerland), she is now a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate of the University of Lucerne (Switzerland). Her research focuses on Public Economic Law, especially on Antitrust and Public Procurement Law. Her doctoral research focuses on bid-rigging from a public procurement law perspective. She is currently a visiting research scholar at the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland, where she is examining comparative aspects of law.

About the discussant

Dr Barbora Jedlickova

Dr Barbora Jedličková is a Senior Lecturer and Fellows of the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law and the Australian Centre for Private Law in the TC Beirne School of Law at the University of Queensland in Australia. She is a member of the Law Council of Australia's Competition and Consumer Committee. Dr Jedličková holds degrees from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom (PhD in Law, 2012; and LL.M. with Commendation in International Competition Law and Policy, 2007) and from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic (Master Degree in Law and Legal Studies, 2004).

Dr Jedličková specialises in competition law with principal research interests in competition-law theories, competition law in the digital economy and comparative competition law. Her research has focused on various topics, including cartels, anticompetitive agreements and AI, exclusionary conduct, vertical restraints, bargaining power, and economic and jurisprudential theories and arguments in competition law. Her research also includes the analysis of specific markets with distinctive issues, such the grocery retail market and the pharmaceutical market. She has published both internationally and nationally. Dr Jedličková has been a visiting scholar at the University of Iowa, Boston University and the Court of Justice of the European Union. She has been an Australian reporter for the International League of Competition Law (LIDC) for five international LIDC projects. She has served as an Editor of the Oceania Column of Competition Policy International (2019-2023) and as a General Editor of the LAWASIA Journal (2014).





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