Topic: New technologies and warfare: legal implications

Presenter: Dr Hitoshi Nasu - Senior Lecturer at the ANU College of Law, The Australian National University and Co-Director of the Centre for Military and Security Law (CMSL)

Technological advancement has often been stimulated by, and dedicated directly to, addressing military requirements. On other occasions, however, technological developments outside the military sphere have influenced or informed the conduct of warfare and military expectations. With rapid technological advancement at the modern, global age particularly in computing, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, novel military applications of new technologies are expected to influence, and pose challenges to, the way in which the existing rules of the law of armed conflict are to be interpreted and applied. In this presentation Dr Nasu discusses common challenges posed by military applications of new technologies that he has identified through the publication of New Technologies and the Law of Armed Conflict, including findings from his three-year research project on the legal implications of military applications of nanotechnology funded by the Australian Research Council under its Discovery Grant scheme during 2011-2013.

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