Topic: The use and measurement of efficiency as a regulatory solution for corporate rescue in Australia

Presenter: Ms Rachel Lee - PhD Candidate, TC Beirne School of Law

Ms Lee's seminar addresses the background of Australian corporate rescue by examining its English origins. Making an historic examination of the Australian corporate rescue provisions provides a foundation for understanding the development and current form of the voluntary administration provisions located in Part 5.3A of the Corporations Act (2001) Cth. 

The literature suggests an origin that stems from receivership and schemes of arrangement. The chapter begins with a definition of corporate rescue in order to delimit the scope of the thesis and to understand what rescue means in the thesis, and then onto the historical development. From this survey, a summary consolidates the reasons for the development of the law and the gradual movement towards a rescue-oriented position. This forms the basis for the argument that, among other factors, efficiency is a key reason for the justification of corporate rescue.

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