The TC Beirne School of Law is pleased to welcome the Attorney-General for Australia, Senator the Honourable George Brandis QC, to The University of Queensland on Tuesday, 11 April to deliver a public lecture on “Developments in International Law: Self-Defence Against Imminent Armed Attack”.

The Attorney-General will address the question of imminence in the orthodox international law of self-defence. What does an ‘imminent’ threat mean when terror cells lie dormant planning an attack in one country, which will be remotely triggered from another? How does a government decide when a violent intent expressed by a terrorist organisation online has crossed from mere aspiration to ‘imminent’ threat? Crucially, how do we guarantee security in a modern threat environment, whilst ensuring that legitimate constraints on the use of force are not undermined?


The Senate Room
Level 5, Brian Wilson Chancellery
The University of Queensland
University Drive
St Lucia