Jay Sanderson, University of the Sunshine Coast

Branding Biodiversity: Opportunities and Challenges with ABS

Edwin Bikundo, Griffith University

Access and Benefit Sharing to the People: Aligning Means and Ends to Benefit Indigenous Peoples under the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Protocol

Paul Martin, University of New England

FPIC – Mere Politics or Meaningful Change?

Fran Humphries, Griffith University

Banking on a Patent Solution for Sharing Antarctica’s Ex Situ Genetic Resources

Kamalesh Adhikari, The University of Queensland

Negotiating the Rights over Biodiversity

Matthew Rrimmer, Queensland University of Technology

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Indigenous Knowledge, Access to Genetic Resources, and Sustainable Development

Daniel Robinson, University of New South Wales

The Limits of ABS Laws: Why Gumby Gumby and Other Bush Foods and Medicines need Specific Indigenous Knowledge Protections

Manuel Ruiz, Peruvian Society for Environmental Law

A New Approach to ABS based on “Bounded Openness” in the Light of Current Shortcomings in the CBD and Nagoya Protocol

Professor Charles Lawson, Griffith University

Nomenclature as a Standardised Metadata System for Ordering and Accessing Information about Plants