Organizers:  Susannah M Chapman (University of Queensland) and Tad Brown (University of Georgia, Athens)

Chairs:  Susannah M Chapman (University of Queensland)

Discussants:  Rosemary J Coombe (York University)

Reviewed By: Anthropology and Environment Society


1:45 PM

Why the Million Dollar Bee Was an Inside Joke

Tad Brown (University of Georgia, Athens)

2:00 PM

Imperial Vernacular: Onomastics, Empire and Intellectual Property, 1800-Present

Geoff Bil (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)

2:15 PM

New Varieties, Agricultural Experts, and Native Farmers: The Politics and Power of Recognition in British Colonial Gambia

Susannah M Chapman (University of Queensland)

2:30 PM

The Negotiations on Creating Nature: Advanced Agricultural Knowledge Production in Israel

Liron Shani (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2:45 PM

Seed Laws, Certification, and Standardization: Outlawing Informal Seed Systems in the Global South

Tamara Wattnem (University of Wisconsin Madison)

3:00 PM


Rosemary J Coombe (University of York)

3:15 PM