HDR Candidate: Jessica Ritchie

Milestone: Mid-Candidature Review

Title: The Use of DNA Evidence in Cross-Border Investigations: From Crisis To Confidence

Abstract: This research explores the current state of regulation in the exchange of DNA data with Australia and with foreign countries, with the aim of considering the enablers and barriers to the process for cross-border investigations. Given the global nature of crime and the ability for individuals to move with ease across borders, law enforcement need to consider how to best respond. Further scientific advancements provide the opportunity for DNA to play a role in intelligence by providing probabilistic information about an individual’s appearance. However this all needs to be done in a way which is evidence-based and balances the dignity and rights of the individuals whilst also recognising community safety issues in trying to prevent, control and respond to cross-border crime. 


TC Beirne School of Law
Level 3, Forgan Smith Building
Board Room (W353)