HDR Candidate: Youngwon (Constance) Lee

Milestone: Mid-Candidature Review

Title: Calvinist Natural Law and Constitutionalism

Advisors: Prof Nicholas Aroney (Principal) and Prof Jonathan Crowe (Associate)

Abstract:​ John Calvin on Human Depravity - The doctrine of human depravity was a central source of contention between Thomist and Reformed positions. The current chapter sets out from the recognition of this difference in order to discuss the nuances of the respective accounts of human nature after the Fall. In doing so, the chapter will examine the key Reformed texts on the depravity doctrine, notably, the account of ‘original sin’ of Augustine of Hippo (354-430) and the doctrine of ‘total human depravity’ by John Calvin (1509-64) whose theology have become representative of the Reformation. In this context, the chapter will go on to examine Calvin’s concept of ‘conscience’ more closely to consider the implications of such an account of human depravity for the possibility of a Reformed natural law theory.


TC Beirne School of Law
Level 3, Forgan Smith Building
Board Room (W353)