Current and past students share their experiences while studying the Master of Laws.

Lia Amalia

UQ Master of Laws (LLM) student

Lia Amalia “There is a lot of support from everywhere, especially from the School and the Student Services staff.”

“I have been working as a civil servant in the National Land Agency of Indonesia for 8 years. My agency deals with land rights administration and I was so concerned about land dispute in Indonesia, especially related to indigenous land, that I really want to contribute to finding the most appropriate dispute resolution process for land dispute in my country.

I got the opportunity to study at UQ because I was granted an Australia Development Scholarship by the Australian Government. I’m truly thankful for the award and I wish that all the valuable knowledge and experiences I get at UQ will make a significant contribution to Indonesia’s development.

The UQ LLM program offers many courses that are related to my concerns, interest and needs in the workplace, such as Native Title, Mediation, and Theories in Dispute Resolution.

Besides being a student, I’m also a mother of two kids (2 and 3 years old). It is a challenge for me to run those roles at the same time; however, there is a lot of support from everywhere, especially from the School and the Student Services staff.

The Law School pays serious attention to the success of their international students by providing the Fundamentals of the common law course. For me, coming from a different legal system country, this course helps me to adjust my academic point of view towards the Australian legal system in the first semester. Plus, the free legal English class is such a positive bonus for me to feel more confident in facing academic life.

Most of the courses in the LLM program are offered in intensive classes. This uniqueness gives me multiple benefits, such as the flexibility in arranging study with my other commitments like taking care of the children/family.

I have a precious chance to meet lecturers and practitioners who are experts in their field. Also, I cherish the friendships with other students who come from Australia and other parts of the world, like Denmark, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, China and Mongolia. Their experiences and views enrich my perspective, both in an academic and social way.”

Rosemary Gibson

Master of Laws

Rosemary Gibson “I have nearly completed a Master of Laws at UQ and have found the experience rewarding and inspiring. I have completed courses in marine insurance, maritime law, carriage of goods by sea and commercial conflicts of laws. The courses have not only deepened my knowledge of these specialist areas but assisted me in furthering my professional career as a lawyer in the marine and shipping industry. They have also inspired me to continue to develop my academic and research credentials alongside my practice of law.

I would not hesitate in recommending the LLM program at the TC Beirne School of Law to anyone interested in deepening or refreshing their legal knowledge and would particularly recommend it to those wishing to work in a specialised field.”

Audrey Lemniai

Master of Laws

Audrey Lemniai"Undertaking my LLM at UQ made me feel more confident about my career path and my professional legal skills. I was very satisfied with the global academic content and the variety of courses offered. Most of all, I found the practical, career-oriented focus valuable. Many of the courses I attended were intensive workshops that used role-plays and case studies to enhance learning.

Many of my peers were also professionals, which led to interesting and insightful discussions and debates. UQ’s LLM was an excellent addition to my undergraduate law degree and a good way to develop an international legal perspective. With my LLM, I’m better able to market myself to law firms all over the world."

David Legrain

Master of Laws

David Legrain"The LLM program was eye-opening for me. I found both the academic content and practical focus very rewarding. It was a great platform to build on my existing legal knowledge from my undergraduate degree - for example, I gained a better comprehension of the common law system, which will be invaluable in my future career.

I also enjoyed the focus on both domestic and international law, specifically, the course Principles of Global Law, which introduced me to different legal systems from all over the world. The class structure was also refreshing and the academics never made learning seem like a chore. My classes facilitated regular interaction between professors and students, which often led to lively debates on topical legal issues."

Usukhbayar Sainjargal

Master of Laws (Advanced)

Usukhbayar Sainjargal “The reason I decided to study at UQ was because I had heard that the TC Beirne School of Law is a leading school for environmental law and has a good reputation and excellent academic staff. I took a number of classes which were relevant to the environment, including water, mining and cultural heritage law. I hope to take this knowledge home so I can do some useful work on the environment in my country.

The Law Library was one of my favourite places to work during my studies – the online databases are incredible and it’s a comfortable place to study. Another advantage of UQ is the academic staff – the lecturers are professionals and are very supportive to the students.”

Natalia Wuth

Master of Laws

Natalia Wuth Natalia Wuth is an in-house lawyer in the financial services industry, and Immediate Past President of the Women Lawyers’ Association of Queensland. She completed her UQ LLM in 2013.

“The choice to pursue my graduate degree was more to stimulate me intellectually than my job requiring me to do so. While it enhances professional opportunities, it is also personally very rewarding. The intensive format suited me as I was able to balance my work and personal life and continue my education so it was a manageable investment of time. Engaging people from various industries offered practical insights from a different perspective. I made some wonderful personal and professional contacts and mixed with like-minded people who were both ambitious and passionate. From the librarian to the lecturer to the Dean, I was provided with an extraordinary level of support.”