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Dr Alan Davidson is a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia. He practiced law for more than a decade before moving into academia full time. He was engaged as an Assistant Professor at Bond University, lecturer at Queensland University of Technology including acting Head of School, and Associate Dean at James Cook University before commencing at the University of Queensland in 1997.

Since 2011 Dr Davidson has participated in UNCITRAL Working Group IV in Vienna and New York biannually, and in 2014 was invited to join its Panel of Experts to assist with the future directions of the Working Group.He is a Director and Fellow of UNCCA (UNCITRAL National Coordination Committee Australia) and is its Education Director arranging for students nationally to attend Working Group sessions (64 students to date). Dr Davidson's PhD is in the field of international banking law, specifically Letters of Credit Transactions. He is a Fellow of the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice and a member of the Asia Advisory Council and the Council of International Standby Practices of the Institute. He regularly speaks at the conferences for the Institute in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. He presents courses at the TC Beirne School of Law in International Trade Law, International Trade Finance Law, Banking Law and Electronic Commerce Law. He has been a visiting academic in the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and China.

His book Social Media and Electronic Commerce Law has been published in 2 editions by Cambridge University Press. He has also published The Internet for Lawyers and The Internet for Accountants and numerous interactive computer based workbooks and teaching manuals. He was joint author of two editions of the monograph Company Meetings. His publications have appeared in the Australian Law Journal, the Journal of International Banking and Finance Law, the Journal of Commonwealth Law and Legal Education and the International Trade Law Annual. For nine years he authored over 100 articles for Queensland Law Society Journal, Proctor on CyberLaw.

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