Researcher biography

Dr Peter Billings is an Associate Professor at the TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, and a Fellow of the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law. He was the Director of Mooting in the Law School from 2011-2015. In 2014 he was a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Law, University of Warwick. He was the general editor of Law Asia (2016). His research interests are in particular areas of public law: administrative law, immigration and refugee law, social welfare law and human rights law. In 2016 he received an Australian Award for University Teaching - Award for Programs that Enhance Learning (Pro Bono Centre). Since 2010 he has received four teaching excellence awards within the School of Law for outstanding course/teacher evaluations, and in 2011 was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Equity and Diversity Award (UQ) for the Asylum and Refugee Law Project.

In the recent past he has published Thomson Reuters' Guide to Mooting with Prof Anthony Cassimatis and many peer-reviewed journal articles/book chapters, namely: "Whither Indefinite Immigration Detention: Re-thinking Legal Constraints on the Detention of Non-citizens" (2015) 38(4) University of New South Wales Law Journal 1386-1420; Operation Sovereign Borders and Interdiction at Sea: CPCF v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection" (2016) 23(2) Australian Journal of Administrative Law 76-101; and with A/Prof Dallal Stevens "Protection Seekers and Preventive Justice: Immigration Detention in Austraila and the United Kingdom" in T Tullich et al, Regulating Preventive Justice (2017, Routledge). He has published on legal simulations in (2017) 43(3) Monash University Law Review, "Judging the Pedagogic and Professional Value of Mooting and 'Nooting' Before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal" 687-722, and most recently in (2018) 24(4) Australian Journal of Administrative Law, "Refugee Protection and State Security In Australia: Piecing Together Protective Regimes" 222-233. Also forthcoming in (2018) 24 Animal Law Review ,"Regulating 'Fake' Assistance Animals - A Comparative Review of Disability Law in Australia and the United States" with Harpur et al. He is currently researching crimmigration law in Australia, with several papers in the pipeline and an edited book for publication in early 2019.