Researcher biography

Dr Thea Voogt is a life-long academic with extensive teaching and scholarship experience in taxation law, corporations law and governance, and a proven track record of innovation and leadership in these areas. Her successes in teaching are demonstrated by consistently high teaching evaluations in law subjects, particularly teaching business school students.

After completing her training contract at Deloitte, Dr Voogt spent 20 years at the University of Johannesburg in academic and management positions, before joining The University of Queensland in 2014. As a chartered accountant, with a track record of excellence and strong governance, she has also demonstrated expertise as an experienced and trusted academic administrator, trustee and principal officer of large superannuation and benefit funds. Thea is able to use this significant practical experience in an academic setting through an emphasis on applied law.

Over her career, she has been closely involved with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) as researcher and speaker, and as umpire and question setter for the national qualifying exam for chartered accountants, particularly in taxation law. She has been a sought after speaker on taxation law, corporations law, the roles and responsibilities of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and governance. She also served on the Board of the South African Qualifications Authority as ministerial appointment (equivalent to the Australian Skills Quality Authority), and on the board of the South African Accounting History Centre.

Thea is a full member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and of SAICA (1994 to 2016), and a fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia. She holds a doctorate in Financial Management, focussing on governance, and currently teaches taxation law.

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