Researcher biography

Dr Joseph Lelliott is a Senior Lecturer at the TC Beirne School of Law, teaching courses in criminal law and international human and children's rights. He is a co-author of the textbook Criminal Law in Queensland and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Joseph's research interests lie across two interrelated areas of inquiry. First, the proper scope of criminalisation and the structure of criminal offences. Second, the impacts of criminal and otherwise punitive measures on human rights and the protection of victims. Much of his recent work examines these issues in the context of responses to migrant smuggling and human trafficking and, in particular, their implications for migrant children. Joseph is an expert on the international law of smuggling and trafficking. He has served as an expert consultant to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna and Bangkok and, in this role, has authored numerous UNODC publications on these topics.

Joseph is also currently working on a project concerning the criminalisation of threats, particularly in the context of domestic and family violence. This includes an ongoing study on 'dousing' and other serious threats, involving analysis of relevant offences and interviews with a range of stakeholders.

Joseph has undergraduate degrees in Law and Arts, and holds a PhD in Law from the University of Queensland. While completing his PhD, he won several awards, including a BEL Faculty Higher Degree Research Excellence in Research Award.