Trafficking in Persons for the Purpose of Organ Removal

The lack of sufficient donor organs, long waiting periods, and the uncertainty about available supply have encouraged an illegal trade in human organs that affects many countries worldwide.  Organs are frequently donated, sold, ‘harvested’, stolen, or otherwise obtained in developing countries and trafficked to developed nations where recipients pay large amounts of money for donor organs.  In other cases, recipients travel to countries where organs are more readily available and where the illegal trade is rife.  This page outlines international law, Australian offences, and the available evidence pertaining to trafficking in persons for the purpose of organ removal in Australia.  For a full report on this topic, see Andreas Schloenhardt, & Samantha Garbutt, 'Trafficking in person for the purpose of organ removal: International law and Australian practice' (2012) 36(3) Criminal Law Journal 145-158.