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Estate planning is all about protecting and allocating assets in accordance with the wishes of an estate owner. It is also about ensuring that the estate owner is medically and financially cared for in the event that they no longer have the capacity to make their own decisions. This course is an advanced study of the regulation, management and planning of wealth creation, preservation and transfer in Australia. Students can work in estate planning and understand the ethical and practical issues that arise. Topics include superannuation, key wealth creation and will drafting.

Topics covered include:

  • Grants of Probate in Solemn Form of Law
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Mediation of Disputes - Policy and Practice
  • Equity Claims
  • Inter visos promises re contents of a will
  • Breaches of Trust
  • Key Elements of a Family Provision Application
  • FPA – Roadmap
  • Quantum Estimates in FPAs
  • Select Issues
  • Removal of Executors 
  • Re Beddoe Applications
  • Rectification of Wills
  • Construction of Wills

Adjunct Professor John de Groot

John de Groot Adjunct Professor John de Groot is a past president of the Queensland Law Society, has extensive experience in teaching in a university environment, and now heads up Estate Planning at the University of Queensland.

Dr John de Groot is a leading specialist in wills and estates and works as Special Counsel at de Groots Wills and Estate Lawyers in Brisbane.

Not only has he written many publications on wills and estate law, including Wills Probate & Administration Practice and Family Provision in Australia, of which he co-authored with Mr Bruce Nickel, John has served as chair of Queensland Law Society’s Succession Law Committee.

John is also the author of the Australian content of the forthcoming 4th edition of International Succession, being published by Oxford University Press.

He has mediated in numerous Family Provision claims and other complex disputes involving large estates.

Course information

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6 - 9 April 2017