Namaste UQ LLB in India

18 Dec 2015

Professor Sarah Derrington, Dean of Law at the TC Beirne School of Law,  led a delegation to Delhi, India to receive the official notification of accreditation of the UQ Bachelor of Laws (LLB) by the Bar Council of India on the 9th December. The delegation included Professor Simon Bronitt, Deputy Dean of Law, and Dr Ashutosh Misra, UQ India Engagement Fellow.

The process, which took more than a year of negotiation, involved UQ hosting a delegation of senior members of the Bar Council. The accreditation visit in September closely examined UQ’s facilities, met with current students, staff and distinguished alumni of the School, providing an opportunity for the Bar Council to rigorously vet the Law School programs. There was extensive follow up with the School upon their return to India, with further materials requested and supplied to facilitate the accreditation process.

The UQ delegation attended the offices of the Indian Bar Council to receive formal accreditation from the Chair of the Indian Bar Council, Manan Kumar Mishra, with celebratory bouquets.

UQ is the first law school in Australia to receive notification of accreditation in India. During the visit opportunities for top law students and practitioners in India to undertake UQ’s newly accredited LLB, as well increasing the awareness of postgraduate and PhD offerings was discussed.