Finn’s Law – An Australian Justice

22 Dec 2016

Finn's Law The Honorable Justice Paul Finn, retired Judge of the Federal Court of Australia and distinguished UQ alumnus has been honoured by the publication, ‘Finn’s Law – An Australian Justice’.

The book, published by The Federation Press, includes a number of notable connections to UQ, with contributions by other alumni, Sir Ross Cranston and Professor Sarah Worthington, along with UQ Adjunct Professor, Chief Justice James Allsop of the Federal Court. The contributors explore, analyse, celebrate and critique the writings and judgments of an exceptional legal figure.


Introduction - Tim Bonyhady

  1. A Legal Life - Ross Cranston
  2. Fiduciaries: Following Finn - Sarah Worthington
  3. Participatory Liability and the Hallmarks of an 'Australian Equity' - Pauline Ridge
  4. Conscience, Fair-dealing and Commerce – Parliaments and the Courts - James Allsop
  5. The Equitable Duty of Loyalty in Public Office - Stephen Gageler
  6. Personality and Capacity: Lessons from Legal History - Joshua Getzler
  7. To What End?: Public Law and Public Power - John M Williams
  8. To Akiba and Beyond: Old Hopes and New Dreams for Native Title - Michael Barker


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