Suicide by Veterans and Ex-Service Personnel - Slater and Gordon

1 Aug 2016

Slater and Gordon In September, law students Ashley ChandlerChristopher Vale and Pavlos Nicolas assisted law firm Slater and Gordon to prepare its submission to the Senate Standing Committee into Suicide by Veterans and Ex-Service Personnel. The students worked closely with Slater and Gordon’s National Military Compensation Expert, Mr Brian Briggs. 

In relation to the students’ work, Mr Briggs commented “The students were tremendous in their assistance and contribution. They all brought different things to the table that increased the impact of the submission. I was impressed by their thinking outside of the box, research and writing skills.”

As a result of her pro bono work on the submission, Ashley has undertaken some additional work experience in military compensation with the firm. “We have welcomed Ashley into our group and she has been of great assistance to us in the day to day running of our files,” said Mr Briggs.

Read the submission (No. 160)