Volume 29, No. 1 is a Special Issue with the theme of "The Relationship Between Judges and Legal Academics".


  • Judge Richard A. Posner, The Judiciary and the Academy: A Fraught Relationship
  • Mark Tushnet, Academics as Law-Makers?
  • Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Judges and Academics in the United Kingdom
  • Justice John D. Heydon, Reflections on James Fitzjames Stephen
  • Susan Bartie, A Full Day's Work: A Study of Australia's First Legal Scholarly Community
  • Edward Rubin, Seduction, Integration and Conceptual Frameworks: The Influence of Legal Scholarship on Judges
  • Allan C. Hutchinson, Doing the Business: Judges, Academics and Intellectuals
  • James Allan, Down Under Exceptionalism

Book reviews

  • Edgar Gold, Review of Shipping and the Environment
  • Dan Meagher, Review of The Constitution of a Federal Commonwealth


22 December 2016 10:47am