Cartels, Optimal Enforcement and Theories in Competition Law

In memory of Laura Guttuso’s research

The TC Beirne School of Law will host an international symposium on competition law ‘Cartels, Optimal Enforcement and Theories in Competition Law’ in Brisbane on 27 March 2018.

This event commemorates the research conducted by Laura Guttuso a former, outstanding TC Beirne School of Law PhD candidate, who died suddenly before completing her PhD thesis. The papers presented will address important elements of, and further develop new ideas contained in, Laura’s unfinished PhD thesis entitled ‘In Pursuit of cartels – a critical analysis of the dynamics between public and private enforcement’. The symposium will achieve this by uniting international and national experts, familiar with Laura’s research, to work in unison to further discuss Laura’s research ideas and share their research on effective enforcement and justice in competition law. This will generate scholarly dialogue on internationally significant competition law issues, focusing on effective enforcement and the protection of consumers and society from unjust behaviour and economic harm caused by corporations involved in illegal anticompetitive practices.

The speakers of this event will discuss the relevant issues of corporate accountability to infringements of competition law, in particular, anti-cartel law, its effective enforcement, establishing justice and fairness in that regard and optimising private and public enforcement by addressing and balancing corporate and individual accountability and deterrence on one hand, and achieving corrective justice and sufficiently recognising harm suffered from cartels by consumers and other victims on the other. The symposium will explore legal pluralism, social welfare, procedural fairness and the dynamics between public and private enforcement of anti-cartel law.

The aim of the symposium is to discuss and share research with community stakeholders and provide globally applicable recommendations for improvement of social welfare and justice, by optimising enforcement of anti-cartel law and protecting competition and fairness in the market. It will engage national and international academics, practitioners, the judiciary, the regulator, economists and students to foster learning, dialogue and exchange knowledge.

The symposium is organised by Dr Barbora Jedlickova with the support of TC Beirne School of Law’s colleagues and the wider community.

Keynote speakers

Professor Spencer Waller (USA)

The Loyola University Chicago

Professor Andreas Stephan (UK)

University of East Anglia, Centre for Competition Policy

Professor Renato Nazzini (UK)

King’s College London

Professor Brent Fisse (AU)

The University of Sydney

Professor Caron Beaton-Wells (AU)

The University of Melbourne

The Honourable Justice Andrew Greenwood (AU)

Federal Court of Australia

Assoc. Professor Chris Noonan (NZ)

The University of Auckland

Dr Albertina Albors-Llorens (UK)

University of Cambridge

In memory of


Ms Laura Guttuso is a former, outstanding UQ PhD candidate and recipient of prestigious American Bar Association and UQ scholarships. She passed away unexpectedly in April 2016 while conducting research in the USA for her PhD thesis.


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