The symposium will achieve its objectives by uniting international and national experts, familiar with Laura’s research, to work in unison to further discuss Laura’s research ideas and share their research on effective enforcement and justice in competition law. This will generate scholarly dialogue on internationally significant competition law issues, focusing on effective enforcement and the protection of consumers and society from unjust behaviour and economic harm caused by corporations involved in illegal anticompetitive practices.

The symposium will explore legal pluralism, social welfare, procedural fairness and the dynamics between public and private enforcement of anti-cartel law. It's is to discuss and share research with community stakeholders and provide globally applicable recommendations for improvement of social welfare and justice, by optimising enforcement of anti-cartel law and protecting competition and fairness in the market. It will engage national and international academics, practitioners, the judiciary, the regulator, economists and students to foster learning, dialogue and exchange knowledge.

The symposium is organised by Dr Barbora Jedlickova with the support of TC Beirne School of Law’s colleagues and the wider community.