I have a court-case coming up and plan to represent myself. Can I get help through this Centre to prepare my case?

No, unfortunately we do not provide this sort of assistance. Our students are not qualified to assist in any private capacity.

How many students does UQ have on the pro bono roster?

Over 500 students are currently registered on the roster. This is about 30% of the total student cohort studying law at UQ.

Is the pro bono roster available to all students?

Law students must have studied at least 8 units of law courses before they are able to join the roster.  This means that students will have completed at least 2 years’ full-time law study before being eligible to apply for pro bono opportunities.  You are able to specify particular law area requirements e.g. family law, labour law, civil procedure, demonstrated research expertise etc.

Does UQ provide insurance for students undertaking pro bono activities?

The University will provide the following insurance for pro bono opportunities:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Public liability insurance

Are opportunities available outside the University semester?

Yes. The UQ Pro Bono Centre opportunities arise throughout the calendar year.

The main limitation to seeking assistance is University swatvac (revision period) and exams. This can be a particularly stressful and busy time for students as they focus on their end-of-semester assessment. The Centre encourages all placement partners to respect this time and allow students to prioritise their studies by allowing them time off.