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Join Associate Professor Johanna Weaver (Australian National University) as she examines the understanding reached under UN auspices in May 2021, whereby IHL applies equally to cyber operations undertaken in an armed conflict and whether the existing law is adequate and sufficient.

Significant technological advances in recent years have made way for inevitable cyber attacks in war. While only a few States have publicly acknowledged using such operations, an increasing number of States are developing military cyber capabilities, and their use is likely to increase in future making it critical for the international community to affirm the applicability of international humanitarian law (IHL) in these dire circumstances.


About the Law Matters Series

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This lecture is part of The University of Queensland Law Matters Series, which delves into new and meaningful research with community-wide impact from UQ Law and partners.

The Law Matters series showcases world-leading researchers in collaboration with guest speakers from industry, academia and the legal profession, on important topics in law and social policy, including Indigenous rights, disability rights, defence technology and deaths in custody.

We invite the legal, academic and general community to join us in a forum that helps unpacks critical research and legal issues that shape national and international society.


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