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Law Matters seminar series

Join the thought-provoking University of Queensland Law Matters series to delve into new and meaningful research with community-wide impact from UQ Law and partners.

The Law Matters series showcases world-leading researchers in collaboration with guest speakers from industry, academia and the legal profession, on important topics in law and social policy, including Indigenous rights, disability rights, defence technology and deaths in custody.

We invite the legal, academic and general community to join us in a forum that helps unpack critical research and legal issues that shape national and international society.

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Past events

This conversation will bring into sharp relief the often profound socioeconomic, political and technological challenges faced by constitutional reform processes around the world, focusing especially on the Global South. The discussion will feature scholars and participants involved in the ongoing processes of constitutional reform in Chile, which aim to replace the country's 1980 Constitution drafted by the regime of Augusto Pinochet.
In light of the current review of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth), this panel discussion brings academics together with other key stakeholders to discuss these challenges and opportunities, and to consider Australian modern slavery laws in their broader global context.
Presented by Lisa Waddington, the European Disability Forum Professor of European Disability Law.
Join us as we celebrate International Day of People with Disability on 25 November 2022 as part of the Law Matters Series.
Join the thought-provoking University of Queensland Law Matters series to delve into new and meaningful research with community-wide impact.
Professor Marc Thommen examines policy approaches to combat transnational organized crime and reflects upon the complex and problematic interactions produced by these measures.
In this panel discussion, Professor Tamara Walsh will join experts from Caxton Legal Centre and Prisoners Legal Service, to examine the multisystemic failings that contribute to deaths in custody in Australian police cells, watchhouses and prisons.
VIDEO | Dr Dylan Lino reflects on how Australia’s constitutional traditions and practices can be drawn upon to support campaigns for Indigenous rights, including fundamental redistributions of political power to First Nations.
VIDEO | Associate Professor Weaver examines the understanding reached under UN auspices in May 2021 that international humanitarian law, which governs conduct in an armed conflict, applies equally to cyber operations undertaken in an armed conflict.

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