Comments on Enrichment

The Hon Justice James Edelman, (High Court of Australia)  

Time and date: Monday, 24th October, 2022, 8am-9.30am (Brisbane time)  

Location: Room W418, Level 4, Forgan Smith Building, The University of Queensland, St Lucia



His Honour will present a brief paper on the meaning and place of the concept of ‘enrichment’ in the developing law of Unjust Enrichment. The paper will consider the way in which the concept operates as a placeholder for a series of more complex questions about the type of restitutionary remedy sought by plaintiffs, the conditions attaching to them and the way in which personal liability is calculated. There will be an opportunity for students and others attending in person to discuss his ideas and ask questions.  

About the Speaker

Justice Edelman was appointed to the Court in January 2017. From 2015 until the time of his appointment he was a judge of the Federal Court of Australia.From 2011 until 2015 he was a judge of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He previously practised as a barrister at the chambers of Mr Malcolm McCusker QC in Western Australia from 2001-2011 in the areas of criminal law and commercial law and at One Essex Court Chambers from 2008-2011 in commercial law. He was a Fellow of Keble College, Oxford from 2005, and Professor of the Law of Obligations at the University of Oxford from 2008 until 2011.

His Honour is the author of numerous scholarly books and articles, including, most relevantly. Gain-Based Damages (Hart, 2002) and (with E Bant) ‘Unjust Enrichment (2nd edn (Hart, 2016).  



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Level 4, Forgan Smith Building, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia and Online via Zoom.