Take a paws from studying with TCB Wellness.

Come de-stress with Lulu and Blair ambassadors from Guide Dogs Queensland. The dogs and their handlers will be on-campus for cuddles on Thursday at lunch.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed during SWOTVAC and exam period there are plenty of resources to support you on-campus.

We’ve put together some helpful links with study tips and tips for successful exam performance here. And at 1pm on Thursday 26 October, Student Services is offering an Exam Prep workshop. You can also view an online video and tips from Student Services.  

Remember, it’s not about the number of hours you spend in the library. Studying smarter involves making time for exercise (proven to enhance memory!) and for sleep.

And be sure to keep your eyes out for the UQU SWOTVAC Exam Support Stall with plenty of goodies to keep you going throughout study period.


Lower lawn behind Forgan Smith Building
University Drive, St Lucia