Topic: Picking Up The Legal Pieces After 2008:  The role of practical experts in complex financial litigation

After the presentation, there will be free pizza and you will have the opportunity to chat with the speakers. Registration is required for this event. 


Mr Brian MacNish, UQ ’77

Senior Strategist at PF2 and Managing Principal, Craven Capital LLC (NYC)

Brian has Over 30 years' experience as a practicing lawyer and wealth manager in both the USA and Australia. Responsible for opening and managing the first Private Wealth & Trust office for Merrill Lynch in Hawaii and thereafter representing Merrill Lynch Trust Company on Long Island and the outer boroughs of New York City. He worked on Wall Street for Deutsche Bank Securities prior to setting up Craven Capital in early 2012 and has extensive experience in both raising and managing capital.

Brian began his career as a lawyer in Australia and after gaining experience in family, business, corporate and real-estate law, focused his attention on financial and estate planning.

Mr Gene Phillips

Director at PF2 Securities (NYC)

Gene was previously on the buy-side within Citigroup Alternative Investments' Fixed Income Alternatives division.  He began his career in the Derivatives group at Moody’s Investors Service.   Gene has written extensive research on items ranging from corporate and trust preferred CDOs to leveraged loan covenants, litigation and cultural concerns at financial institutions, and the topic of rating agency reform.

PF2 is an independent consulting firm with specialized expertise in the evaluation of financial products and the study of financial market dynamics. It uses mathematical models and statistical techniques to measure data movements, analyze the sufficiency of disclosure and the appropriateness of assumptions made.


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