No matter where you’re at in your law degree, this seminar is for you!

During the period leading up to exams, students experience stress for several reasons. This one hour seminar will tackle two major concerns head on.

  1. “I don’t have enough time!”

At some point in university, every student experiences that horrible feeling toward the end of the semester when you realize there are just not enough hours between now and the exam to read and do everything you had planned. With limited time to prepare for exams and competing time pressures, it’s not just what you study that matters, but also how you study.

UQ Learning Advisor, Marian Butler will present cognitive strategies for improving your memory and provide strategies for effective time management in the period leading up to the exam.

  1. Avoiding Law Exam Pitfalls

Law is very particular in the way it tests your knowledge. While each course is unique, there are nevertheless patterns to the style of examination.

In the second half hour, PALS advisor and veteran exam guru Chloe Mo will guide you through some common mistakes students make on law school exams and provide some techniques for excelling on the exam itself.


Forgan Smith Building, St Lucia
Sir Harry Gibbs Moot Court (W247)