Date: Thursday 30 August
Session 1: 3.30-5.00pm
Session 2: 5.30-7.00pm (followed by drinks and canapés). 
You may attend either or both sessions. 
Venue: Supreme Court Library Queensland, Level 12, 415 George St, Brisbane (location)
Cost: This is a free event.
Registration: Register online by Friday 17 August

Invalid or misleading expert evidence has been implicated in many wrongful convictions around the world. Forensic scientific expertise, in particular, is widely misunderstood. Despite being portrayed as highly certain and objective on television shows like CSI, many forensic scientific practices are error-prone.

Importantly, current research suggests that legal doctrinal changes alone have not prevented invalid expert evidence from impacting legal decisions. As a result, this colloquium takes an interdisciplinary approach, presenting emerging issues from the perspective of barristers, academics, forensic scientists, and psychologists. The speakers will discuss findings on topics such as: the psychology of expertise, cognitive bias, forensic scientific practices, and legal safeguards (e.g., cross-examination, judicial directions, exclusionary rules).

Speakers include:

Hosted by Dr Caitlin Goss & Dr Jason Chin

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Level 12, 415 George St, Brisbane
Supreme Court Library Queensland