I have a severe visual impairment.  However, I do not consider my disability a burden.  To me, the challenges I have faced because of my impairment helped to make me who I am, allowed me to empathise with others, and become a problem solver.   These skills are held by many within the disabled community and are valuable to the legal profession as a whole. 

My research seeks to understand the role disability must then play within the judiciary both within the Te Ao Mārama model of justice and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

My research is part-time and remote from New Zealand where I work as legal and research counsel in the Office of the Chief Coroner.  My work in the Coroners Court intersects with my two keen interest areas of the law, jurisprudence and medical.

Scholarship: UQ Doctoral Scholar

HDR Project Title: Disability within the judiciary: An analysis of the barriers for lawyers with visual disabilities to be appointed to the judicial branch of government in New Zealand and Australia.

Supervisors: Professor Grame Orr, Associate Professor Paul Harpur


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