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Nick is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland.

Nick has 10 years of experience in harbor engineering in Qinhuangdao, 10 years in law-teaching at a University in Shanghai and 17 years of practice as a lawyer in Beijing and Shanghai.

Before his commencement at UQ, Nick specialized in intellectual property and commercial legal areas, with successful cases including the famous “MLGB” trademark case listed as the third on the Top Ten Intellectual Property Cases for 2019 by the Supreme People’s Court of China.

Nick is also an economist accredited by the Human Resource Administration of China.

HDR Project Title: Federalism and the Governance of China: Past, Present and Future

Supervisors: Nicholas Aroney


A book, On the Legal Issues of Well-Known Trademarks (Intellectual Publishing House, Beijing, 2011), and 20 journal articles in Mandarin.

Book & Chapters

  • 《法析驰名商标》A Legal Study on Well-Known Trademarks (Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2011).
  • 商标法章节 Trademark Chapters, in 郑国辉[Zheng Guohui] (ed), 《知识产权法学—理论实务案例》 Intellectual Property Law — Theory, Practice and Cases (Press of China University of Political Science & Law 2nd ed. 2015, 1st ed. 2010).


  • 《论包装装潢构成要素的界定——再评“红罐”案两审判决》‘On Defining the Constituent Elements of a Trade Dress – Second Comment of the Two Court Rulings on the Red Can Case’, in 王娜 [Wang Na] and 占茂华 [Zhan Maohua] (eds), 东方比较法学(第3卷)Oriental Comparative Legal Study (Law Press, vol 3, 2019).
  • 《论针对创作不端的公益诉讼》‘On Litigation for Public Interest Against Misconduct in Creative Writing’ 2018(6) 中国版权 China Copyright.
  • 《商标案件中“名人姓名”的认定》‘Identification of “Name of Celebrities” in Trademark Cases’ 2018(10) 中华商标 China Trademark.
  • 《论包装装潢权保护对象的界定方式——兼评“红罐”案两审判决》 ‘On the Description of the Object Protected by Package Design Right’ 2017(10) 知识产权 Intellectual Property.
  • 《商标授权确权中判断显著性的时间基准》‘Choosing the Time Point to Judge Trademark Distinctiveness in Cases Relating to Registrability and Validity’, in 中国社会科学院知识产权中心 [Intellectual Property Center of CASS] and 中国知识产权培训中心[China Intellectual Property Training Center] (eds), 国家知识产权战略实施:回顾与展望——郑成思教授逝世十周年纪念文集Implementation of National Intellectual Property Strategy: Review and Prospect -- Collection of Theses in the 10th Year After Prof. Chengsi Zheng’s Death (Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2017).
  • Why the Latest Jordan Qiaodan Case Leaves Uncertainty About Trademark Protection in China, LawInSport (London), Dec. 15, 2016
  • 《“乔丹”商标案宣判,带来哪些思考》‘What Is Left Behind by the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Trademarks around Michael Jordan’, 解放日报 Jiefang Daily (Dec. 13, 2016).
  • 《注册“上专”,何须修法》‘No Need to Amend the Law To Register the Trademark “上专”’, 中华商标2016(2) China Trademark.
  • 《商标获得显著性认定标准的中美比较》‘A Comparative Study on the Threshold of Establishing Acquired Distinctiveness Between China and USA’, 2015(7)知识产权 Intellectual Property.
  • 《从著作权与邻接权的关系谈网络服务提供者权》‘On an Internet Service Provider’s Right from the Perspective of the Relation Between Copyright and Neighboring Rights’, 2013(6) 山东行政学院学报 Journal of Shandong Administration Institute.
  • 《中美处理网络服务提供者著作权问题的比较》‘Coping with Online Copyright Infringement: A Comparison between China and USA’ 2011(5) 比较法研究 Journal of Comparative Law.
  • 《英国数字经济法治理网上著作权侵权的尝试》‘An Attempt to Combat Online Copyright Infringement: Introduction to and Hints from the Digital Economy Act’ 2011(9)知识产权 Intellectual Property.
  • 《论商标的显著性》‘On the Distinctiveness of Trademark’, in 中国社会科学院知识产权中心 [Intellectual Property Center of CASS] and 中国知识产权培训中心 [China Intellectual Property Training Center] (eds), 国家知识产权战略与知识产权保护National Intellectual Property Strategy & Intellectual Property Protection (Intellectual Property Publishing House, 2011).
  • 《欧盟“欧宝”商标案对玩具生产商的启示》‘The Indications of the Opel Case of the European Community for Toy Manufacturers’ 2011(1) 进出口经理人 Inp-Exp Executive.
  • 《论各版商标法的溯及力》‘On the Retroactivity of Versions of Trademark Law’, in 孙宪忠 [Sun Xianzhong] (ed) 王家福法学研究与法学教育六十周年暨八十寿诞庆贺文集 Collection of Thesis on the 60th Year of Study and Teaching in Law and 80th Year from Birth of Jiafu Wang (Law Press, 2010).
  • 《论标准与专利的关系》‘On the Relationship Between Standards and Patents’ 2010(2) 上海政法学院学报 Journal of Shanghai University of Political Science & Law.
  • 《知识产权诉讼中被告胜诉时应获得律师费赔偿》‘Attorney’s Fee May Be Awarded to the Prevailing Defendant in Intellectual Property Infringement Litigation’ 2008(10) 电子知识产权 Electronics Intellectual Property.
  • Peasants Should Enjoy Equal Social Security Rights with Urban Dwellers, Asian Social Science (Toronto), Vol.4, No.8 (2008)
  • 《农民享有平等社会保障权的法律和现实依据》‘Legal and Realistic Basis for Farmers to Enjoy Equal Social Security Rights’ 2008(2) 湖南农业大学学报(社会科学版) Journal of Hunan Agricultural University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition).
  • 《谨防商标独占许可中的平行进口》‘Be Careful of Parallel Importation Under Exclusive Trademark Licenses’ 2008(1) 进出口经理人 Inp-Exp Executive (Beijing).
  • 《纪实文学作品著作权归属问题研究》‘On Copyright Ownership of Novels Based on Actual Events’ 2007(5) 中国社会科学院研究生院学报 Journal of Graduate School Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  • 《试论纪实文学作品情节的可保护性》‘On Protection for Episodes of the Novels Based on Actual Events’ 2005(4) 中国社会科学院研究生院学报 Journal of Graduate School Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.