Accelerating Adoption and Implementation of Blue Carbon in Australia

September 2021December 2024

‘Blue carbon’ refers to the carbon sequestered in coastal ecosystems like mangroves and saltmarsh. Active management and restoration of these ecosystems can increase their health, coverage and extent, thereby increasing their capacity to store carbon dioxide. For this reason, there has been significant interest in these ecosystems as a way to achieve emissions reduction targets in Australia and internationally.

Coastal wetlands occupy the intertidal zone, which is often the intersection of land tenure regimes, raising complex legal issues. Justine’s research has examined these issues in detail and her analysis has underpinned the Blue Carbon Methodology released by the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Regulator in January 2022.

Justine has been working in this area with collaborators and funding from The University of Queensland since 2016.

Justine continues to work with collaborators from across Australia and internationally, focussing on how to remove legal and policy barriers to widescale coastal ecosystem restoration.


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Project members

Professor Catherine Loverlock, School of Biological Sciences
Dr Valerie Hagger, School of Biological Sciences

Associate Professor Justine Bell-James

Associate Professor & Director of Higher Degree Research & of T.C. Beirne School of Law
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