The University of Queensland Law School has partnered in nine ARC LIEF grants to support ongoing development of Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) databases. AustLII provides free internet access to Australasian legal materials and has abroad public policy agenda is to improve access to justice through better access to information.

ARC LIEF LE210100043

The Australian Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries Library

The reports of royal commissions and other public inquiries provide essential context to legislative and judicial developments over time. Public inquiries are a trusted mechanism for the investigation of allegations of wrongdoing and maladministration and for the provision of independent policy advice to the executive. Public inquiries play a pivotal role in public debate and the development of Australian law and public policy and are an essential element of the Australian historical record. Recent inquiries such as the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse and the Banking Royal Commission have also highlighted the important expressive value of inquiries to communities. Online publication of these resources, integrated with the wealth of other legal resources on AustLII will create the most comprehensive facility for researchers and policy analysts, and for all those seeking to better understand developments in Australian law, history, politics and public policy. These resources represent an investment in the rule of law in Australia.


Associate Professor Philip Chung; Professor Andrew Mowbray; Dr Gabrielle Appleby; Professor Anita Stuhmcke; Professor Thalia Anthony; Professor Robert Cunningham; Professor Mark Lunney; Professor Matthew Groves; Professor Gregory Taylor; Associate Professor Luke Beck; Associate Professor Andrew Edgar; Dr Tanya Josev; Dr Dominique Dalla-Pozza; Dr Vicky Comino; Dr Murray Wesson  (administered by The University of New South Wales)

ARC LIEF LE190100061

The Australian Environmental and Planning Law Library.

The Australian environmental and planning law library. This project aims to provide comprehensive and free access to relevant Australian Environmental and Planning legal research resources, in all Australian jurisdictions not currently available online. A subject-specific ‘Australian Environmental and Planning Law Library’ will improve the ability of all researchers in the field to conduct the highest quality research. The project will build a comprehensive resource of materials including case law, legislation, Impact Statements, Planning Approvals, Plans and similar resources. Expected outcomes include support of the highest quality research relating to the array of issues arising from the protection of natural resources, the prevention of pollution, and the planning of urban development and infrastructure. This database will support the development of improved public policy and better outcomes for the natural and built environments.


Professor Andrew Mowbray; Associate Professor Philip Chung; Professor Rosemary Rayfuse; Professor Rosemary Lyster; Professor Nicole Gurran; Professor Lee Godden; Professor Jacqueline Peel; Professor Benjamin Richardson; Professor Jan McDonald; Professor Alexander Gardner; Professor Paul Martin; Professor Donald Anton; Dr Justine Bell-James; Dr Julia Dehm; Mr Brendan Grigg (administered by University of Technology Sydney)

ARC LIEF LE180100048

Foundations of the Common Law Library

Foundations of the common law library. This project aims to build a comprehensive, historical, legal resource for the whole common law world, 1215-1914. The free access ‘Foundations of Common Law Library’ will include reported cases from superior courts, and selected others, in all common law jurisdictions. Databases of other key materials such as treatises, legislation, and treaties, will also be added wherever possible. Databases of case law extracted from newspaper reports, prior to formal law reporting will be included. Citations for all documents added will expand greatly an automated international historical citator to the whole of the common law world, linking past and present.


Philip Chung, Andrew Mowbray, Bruce Kercher, Lisa Ford, Shaunnagh Dorsett, Stefan Petrow, Mark Finnane, Kit Barker, Mark Lunney, Matthew Groves, Ann Genovese, Arlie Loughnan, Anita Stuhmcke, Natalie Skead and Karen Fairweather (administered by UNSW)

ARC LIEF LE170100099

The Australian Industrial and Workplace Relations Law Library

This project aims to develop an ‘Australian Industrial and Workplace Relations Law Library’ on AustLII. The project will make relevant current law searchable in one location; digitise decisions contained in the major industrial law report series published since Federation; scan other key resources; add dynamic virtual databases; develop data mining tools to better recognise citation information in printed industrial law materials; and develop citation analysis, visualisation and other analytical tools for industrial and workplace law research. The project hopes to improve research in the field of Australian industrial and workforce relations system and the history and development of work in Australia, and inform policy and debate.


Andrew Mowbray, Philip Chung, Andrew Stewart, Graeme Orr, Anna Chapman, Shae McCrystal, Mark Bray, Peter Sheldon, Michael O'Donnell, Jillian Murray, Michael Rawling and Anthony O'Donnell (administered by University of Technology, Sydney)

ARC LIEF LE150100051

The Australasian Legal History Libraries Stage II

The Australian legal history libraries stage II: Australia's leading legal historians will partner with the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) to create a massive expansion of free online access to Australasian legal history through digitisation and data aggregation. The Legal History Libraries on AustLII will become a comprehensive trans-Tasman collection from 1788-1999, including all reported cases studies and those from colonial newspaper reports, and all Acts enacted, plus key collections of historical Bills, Gazettes, legal commentaries, and Parliamentry reports. The Libraries are expected to double in size from their current 50,000 items of cases and legislation. The Libraries enable previously impractical access, comparative research, and international collaborations.


Graeme Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray, Mark Lunney, Anne Twomey, Michael Adams, Judith Jones, Stefan Petrow, Amanda Nettelbeck, Wilfrid Prest, Mark Finnance, Jennifer Nielsen, Warren Swain, Andrew Wells, Ann Genovese, Tanya Josev, Rocque Reynolds, Shaunnagh Dorsett, Sarah Ailwood, Maree Sainsbury, Catherine Bond, Anita Stuhmcke, Lisa Ford, Michel Stuckey, Leroy Certoma, John Williams, Gabrielle Appleby, Bruce Kercher, Catherine Kelly and Peter Handford (administered by UNSW)

ARC LIEF LE140100011

The International Law Library on the World Legal Information Institute: new content and facilities for the leading repository and citator for international law

The International Law Library on the AustLII-operated WorldLII system already provides the most comprehensive free-access location of international law research materials, attracting over two million annual page accesses. This project to transform the Library will expand all its content (international case law, treaties, other key resources and commentary); improve its distribution (for example, RSS feeds for new cases); automate updating processes; add extensive metadata to improve citation histories; and provide other metrics so users can recognise significant materials. Necessary processing, storage and scanning equipment will be acquired. All international law research will be improved, as will Australian leadership in research infrastructure.


Andrew Mowbray, Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Byrnes, Erika Techera, Donald Rothwell, Chester Brown, Anthony Cassimatis, Dan Svantesson, Jane McAdam, Ross Buckley, Ana Vrdoljak, Julie Debeljak, Dianne Otto, Michael Blakeney, Timothy Stephens, Michael Adams, Hitoshi Nasu, Kevin Heller, Vai Io Lo, Andrew Wells, Holly Cullen and Richard Joyce (administered by University of Technology, Sydney)

ARC LIEF LE13010118

The Australasian Legal Scholarship Library: New contact and sophistication for a world-leading legal scholarship repository and citator

This project will dramatically improve the size and usefulness of the Australasian Legal Scholarship Library which is accessible online for free. It will double the quantity of law journals, scholarship repositories, judicial scholarship and monographs on Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII). It will provide a citator and other metrics to track their use and their citation histories.


Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray, Andrew Kenyon, Brian Fitzgerald, Michael Blakeney, Anne Twomey, Peter Cane, Dan Svantesson, Arie Freiberg, Leighton McDonald, David Rolph, Andrew Wells, Andrew Byrnes, Ross Grantham, Anita Stuhmcke and Janet Chan (administered by University of Technology, Sydney)

ARC LIEF LE120100062

The Australasian Legal History Library: Creating Historical depth in legal data on AustLII, to improve all legal research

The Australasian Legal History Library, to be located for free access on AustLII, will provide comprehensive legislation and case law from all colonies (subsequently Australian States, Territories or New Zealand) up to 1950. Its citator will show how these historical materials are used in current legal decisions. It will be a revolution for legal history research.


Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray, Andrew Kenyon, Brian Fitzgerald, Michael Blakeney, Anne Twomey, Peter Cane, Dan Svantesson, Arie Freiberg, Leighton McDonald, David Rolph, Andrew Wells, Andrew Byrnes, Ross Grantham, Anita Stuhmcke and Janet Chan (administered by University of Technology, Sydney)

ARC LIEF Application LE110100154

The World Legal Information Institute Law Collection: Effective access to European legal information (in English) for Australian researchers

This facility will provide the most comprehensive collection of free access English language databases of European legal materials (both national and supra-national) and allow citations of European cases and articles to be tracked, improving Australian research in European law.


Graham Greenleaf, Andrew Mowbray, Martin Vranken, Ross Grantham, Martin Krygier, Adam Czarnota, Anne McNaughton, Matthew Zagor, Dan Svantesson, Steven Freeland, Sadurski Wojciech, Peter Gillies and Patricia Blazey (administered by University of Technology, Sydney)

Project members

Dr Vicky Comino

Senior Lecturer
TC Beirne School of Law