Ethical, legal and social implications and policy challenges

The explosion of genomic technologies offers the promise of revolutionising healthcare, but these new approaches to diagnosing and treating disease bring with them a host of ethical, legal and social and policy complexities. This application brings together a world-class team of scientists, legal experts, ethicists and physicians who will work together to develop protocols and policies within 6 themes: i) community engagement; ii) consent; iii) genomic research; iv) justice; v) clinical use of genomics and vi) health systems. The overall aim of the project is to ensure the safe delivery of genomic medicine for the people of Queensland.

Chief investigators

Dr Nic Waddell (QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute)

Professor Belinda Bennett (Queensland University of Technology)

Professor John Devereux (The University of Queensland)

Professor Karen Hussey (The University of Queensland)