A model national legal framework for mangrove ecosystem services

February 2019January 2023
ARC Discovery Project

Coastal wetlands like mangroves provide significant ecosystem services, including water filtration, carbon sequestration, fisheries habitat and shoreline protection. Unfortunately though, these marine ecosystems have been historically undervalued, with between 30-50% of global coastal wetland extent lost during the 20th century. Although this rate of loss has declined, urgent efforts are still needed to protect, restore and rehabilitate coastal wetland extent.

The object of this project is to consider how coastal wetland ecosystem services can be integrated into legal and policy frameworks in Australia. Using a mix of doctrinal and empirical law research, the outcome will be recommendations for new legal and policy approaches to better project these important ecosystems.

Project outcomes

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Project members

Associate Professor Justine Bell-James

Associate Professor & Director of Higher Degree Research & of T.C. Beirne School of Law
TC Beirne School of Law