In both Australia and the UK, increasingly strict conditions on the receipt of welfare support are placing disadvantaged individuals and families at risk of homelessness. The proposed activity aims to lay the groundwork for a collaborative investigation into the nexus between welfare conditionality and homelessness that will compare the experiences of these two countries.

The applicants will host a two day symposium that will gather leading experts on social policy, poverty and homelessness from Australia and the UK at UQ. The symposium will be convened by, and held within the premises of, the TC Beirne School of Law. The symposium will enable participants to share knowledge and to identify points of overlap and difference in the Australian and UK experience, gaps in existing knowledge and future research priorities.

Project members

Greg Marston (School of Social Sciences)

Cameron Parsell (Institute for Social Science Research)

Andrew Clarke (School of Social Sciences)

Professor Tamara Walsh

Professor and Director Pro Bono Centre
TC Beirne School of Law