The Trust, Ethics and Governance Alliance (TEGA) is an interdisciplinary research theme across the University of Queensland Business School and UQ Law providing applied insights for business leaders and managers to ensure trustworthy and ethical conduct.

Since 2017, Australia has seen national enquiries into institutional abuse and trust breaches by churches, aged care, and sporting organisations, as well as into the integrity of the banking and financial services sector. In the wake of this scrutiny, these industries and others are invited to share research-informed insights to navigate the complexities of ethics, integrity, and self-regulation in the age of increasingly global operations.

Project members

Associate Professor Francesca Bartlett

Associate Professor & Director of Teaching and Learning
TC Beirne School of Law

Dr Vicky Comino

Senior Lecturer
TC Beirne School of Law

Associate Professor Radha Ivory

Associate Professor
TC Beirne School of Law