Intellectual Property Law and Food Security

The ARC Laureate Project endeavours to build a key repository of scholarship and other resources related to the subject of intellectual property and food security. Below are included a few developing resources of use both to scholars interested in this field of inquiry as well as lawyers and practitioners working in various professional capacities.

Intellectual property and food security reading list

This reading list covers the articles and excerpts discussed in the IP and Food Security Laureate Reading Group. This reading list explores a range of articles related to the specific research projects conducted by the ARC Laureate team as well as scholarship addressing broader issues related to the theory and history of intellectual property law.

Download the reading list (PDF, 179.8 KB)

PhD reading list

This reading list includes books and articles considered foundational to research into intellectual property and food security. The list is designed to both provide a broad introduction into history and theory of intellectual property law while also presenting seminal works on subjects including the history of plant patents, landmark cases involving the patentability of life, the development of genetically modified organisms, movements to protect biodiversity and ensure access to genetic resources, and many other subjects important to this area of study.