The School will review your research proposal to see if it provides the preliminary basis for an original scholarly contribution to the field of law.   

What to include in your proposal

The proposal should be up to 2000 words and provide the following:

  • provisional title of the thesis
  • names of proposed principal and associate advisors
  • area of investigation and/or the questions to be investigated
  • theoretical significance of the project
  • proposed research methods
  • expected impact and outcomes.

We recommend that as you draft your proposal, you contact your proposed advisor to develop it further. When you make contact, keep your message succinct. Make it clear how their research aligns with your interest area. 

Once your advisor confirms they support your proposal, submit your application online with all the required documentation. 

How to find a potential advisor

You can find a potential advisor in three ways:

  • View our potential projects to see if any of these match your interest.
  • Drill down through our research areas to find an academic who shares your interest.
  • Browse our academic staff if you know the academic you’d like to approach to supervise you.

How to apply

Find out how to apply including all documentation required and important dates.