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With the scope of legal regulation no longer limited to national territories, there is a need for a framework that recognises law as a global phenomenon with fluid boundaries. Legal orders within, between and above a nation’s domestic legal system create global issues that impact upon individuals and the choices available to legislators and decision-makers. This course delves into the nature of international law, supranational law, comparative law, domestic law and legal pluralism, and examines where they interconnect and conflict.

Topics covered include:

  • law, globalization and the State
  • international law, sovereignty, international institutions and governance
  • ‘regional’ globalization : EU model
  • global law, comparative law and comparativism
  • global public goods
  • legal pluralism
  • globalization and anti-corruption
  • globalization, anti-globalization

Professor Anthony Cassimatis

Course presenter for semester 1.


Dr Vincent Cogliati Bantz

Course presenter for semester 2.

Course information

Course code

7 - 8, 14 - 15 May 2016 / 22, 23 April; 13, 14 May 2017 or 3, 4, 10, 11 August 2017