This course undertakes a detailed examination of relevant legislation and practice with respect to mining and natural resources law in Australia and internationally. The course seeks to develop students' ability to solve complex legal problems relevant to the resources industry.

The course will include presentations by lawyers who are experts in the mining and water sectors. The topics covered in the course may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Enlightenment attitudes to nature and the post-Enlightenment reaction
  2. overview of mining and natural resources industry;
  3. overview of Queensland, Australian Commonwealth and international regulatory models with respect to the mining, hydrocarbon, forestry and water sectors.
  4. common investment and management structures and standard industry agreements (farm-ins, joint ventures, operating agreements);
  5. access to land, compensation agreements and overlapping interests and tenures;
  6. trade practices in mining and petroleum ventures especially as they seek to eliminate corrupt practices;
  7. climate change and environmental management in the resources sector;
  8. native title and cultural heritage.

Professor Jonathan FulcherDr Jonathan Fulcher

Professor Jonathan Fulcher is one of Australia's Leading native title and cultural heritage Lawyers, and applies his extensive resources, native title and cultural heritage experience to mining, oil and gas transactions, infrastructure developments, joint venture arrangements, and asset and share sales and acquisitions across Australia and internationally.

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This course may also be taken as a CPD course or a non-award course. 

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